Friday, June 21, 2013

BeagleBone Black Progress Notes

The BBB is fairly new, the tools and software are a work in progress.  It's easy to get distracted chasing down a problem or feature that I want to make work, and forget what I have done or plan on working on next.  



  • Console port, Serial
  • USB port to Host, SSH via Gadget Ethernet
  • USB Internet from Host to BBB
  • Direct Ethernet port to BBB
  • WiFi


  • Wire LED display (Adafruit I2C backpack 7 Segment Display)
  • Validate via command line
  • Install I2C library for JavaScript environment
  • Validate connectivity thru library
  • Create library for display
  • Create Node app to update LED display

Turns out that order very much matters, and it's pretty easy to get sucked into a side task and loose track.


1. Download and install updated Angstrom Image (2013-6-6 eMMC flasher image) via card.

2. Configure Windows 7 USB Internet Sharing (see blog entry)

3. Update System

4. Test I2C from Command Line

5. Configure NPM

6. Install I2C Node Module

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